T​he Solitaire Association  
Contact Information
​​8220 N. Florida Avenue
Tampa, FL  33604
(813) 935-4746​
​​​​​The Solitaire Association is a charitable organization formed for the sole purpose of providing life essentials information and service to anyone experiencing pre, ongoing and/or post mental and physical cruelty which is causing injury, death, abduction or financial bondage. 

The information is provided through blogs, mailings and documentaries. 

​​The services are the provision of getaways or vacations from the circumstance. ​​
The Solitaire Association is a charitable organization functioning under the federal rules which state that qualified organizations with an income of less than $5,000 may function as a 501c3; when finances increase the organization must apply for registration in accordance with income.   


" A copy of the official Solitaire Association registration and financial
information may be obtained from the Florida Division of Consumer Services.

Call toll free within the state - 1-800-HELP FLA.
​Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the state."
If you are in need of assistance call (813) 935-4746

​If you are looking to make a monetary donation mail gift to: 

​      The Solitaire Association
    ​  c/o Carolyn Nowell 
      ​8220 N. Florida Avenue
     ​Tampa, FL,  33604

​or call ​

​      (813) 935-4746 - phone donation.

Allow 14 days for IRS required documentation of donation​​
email:  rico@escapethegrasp.com