​You get paid the lump sum at closing. ​​ Advertised industry flip time:
 3 to 6 months; sometimes 30 days.

       This is one of the ways The Solitaire Association raises funds. This is not a tax free activity for an individual because of the receipt of interests and fees in addition to principle.  ​YOU ARE THE BANK.​ 

      ​​Minimum loan amount:  500 (600 back)   Maximum loan amount:  400,000 (540,000 back)
                               SECURED BY THE NOVELTY REALTY​

However, tax exemption for nonprofit organizations making loans is in accordance with federal and state rules; as a nonprofit you know the rules.


What is novelty realty?

​​Real Estate with a value of +50% beyond the purchased amount.

How may I passively profit?

Loan an amount of your choosing towards the purchase or provide an entire amount to purchase novelty realty.  Advertised industry flip time:  3 to 6 months, sometimes within 30 days.
​​​​​The Solitaire Association​ purchases, manages and resells the novelty realty.  You get a lump sum as specified above, The Solitaire ​Association gets the remainder to cover expenses and funding for the services provided to the community in which you are a resident.​​​

Can I lose my money?

There is no losing on a Solitaire Association loan for many reasons.  One reason is that even though there is not a guarantee the property will ever be sold you are an owner, and/or, you have a lien on realty with a value of +50% more than the purchase amount.   

Where is a trackable verifiable potential novelty realty? ​​​​​

​One source is government auction sites (foreclosures).  












​​​​But I can do the same thing

Yes, however it is time consuming, a lot of research, tracking, expense plus possible loss due to damages. 

​​When you make a loan to the Solitaire Association you don't have to do any leg work (HOA fees, maintenance, etc.).  

​​100% of the Solitaire Association's proceeds go to the charitable cause of providing an essential service to the community while you get funds for your events and celebrations (or for whatever purpose you choose - e.g., new transportation or additions to savings).

You also eliminate unnecessary expenses and losses. ​​   

You get back the principle + Interest + fees.

How do I get the details of an agreement or make a loan?

​​​By Phone or through the Funding Representative at:

The Solitaire Association 
8220 N. Florida Avenue, #443
Tampa, FL  33604
(813) 935-4746
11:00am to 6:00pm (Monday through Thursday)


​​ your place of business


​​ in the comfort of your home





or make a donation to the worthy cause of providing free information and escape havens to members of your community.

Note to donor: CN Charities is a holding sole proprietorship for Solitaire Association funds.
  • Total:
    $ 10.00
     ​(813) 935-4746                                                                                                          The Solitaire Association

​​                                           8220 N. Florida Ave., #443, Tampa Florida 33604-3050

​ ​​


​​​As a service The Solitaire Association is tracking the above case for you.  The results for the featured property are posted here:

​​August 15th. The home sold to a third party bidder in the HOA foreclosure.

August 18th. Learned that the 3rd party bidder did not pay the balance; therefore, should the HOA fees not be paid the home will be on the auction block once again.

I questioned whether there was anyone residing there. Today, Leanna Cappucci, an owner as of this date, was featured on ABC Action News as a community resident demonstrating ideal lunches for children (from the kitchen).

August 19th. A motion to reset sale.
August 25th. An Order rescheduling the judicial sale.  Date:  October 10, 2014.

When you loan funds to the Solitaire Association for a purchase through an acquisition source you get:

​​​25,200 on 21,000
3,100 on 2,500
120,000 on 100,000 ​​

Advertised industry Flip Time - 3 to 6 months, sometimes 30 days.​​

The more you loan the higher the return.​​

This 4bdrm/3bthrm pool home with an assessed value of 172,514 had been sold to the highest bidder @ 23,000 (after fees) on August 15th. The bidder walked away (and lost +1,000). Therefore this property will be up for auctioning once again unless the residents provide payment.

​​For confirmation visit www.r4c Hillsborough, click calendar, go to August 15th date. Look for the judgment amount of 16,043

Front View
Pool View

Obtain extra cash for the production of an event or celebration from loans loans to The Solitaire Association.​​
The Solitaire Association uses the gain to purchase, sell or trade novelty realty to provide escape havens in your community.

you get a lump sum of principle + a flat 13% interest + fees in return