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​​​Remember,  your tax deductible charitable contribution causes life saving information as well as havens for persons experiencing pre, ongoing and post cruelty activity. 
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​     Asti is Escapethegrasp.com's mascot.  All of the odds appear to
be against Asti; however, Asti is blessed with the capability
to escape from a predator.

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2011 statistics state a person is raped every 2 minutes.   A decrease to every 5 minutes would show that more than 2,000 persons raped, abducted, abused, beaten and forced into involuntary servitude (collectively) -  between September 2012 and September 2013.  My first molestation experience, that I know of,  was when I was in elementary school.  I could not tell anyone. The persons who molested and later raped me formed a defense network for their acts against my life and grew to a large organization.   
If you are old enough to bite through a thick piece of beef
you are old enough to bite the neck of an abductor -
causing harm, maybe death​​​ to the abductor.  

There are uncomplicated ways to accomplish the task of biting. 

​​Even when the juglar vein is not bitten, but another vulnerable portion of the neck is, immediate medical attention is n​​ecessary.

​​ In this charged emotional state, killing you is not the dominant thinking of the abductor.


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Written in accordance with the lst Amendment.

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        ​​​​​"Deloris Gillespie ....  was ambushed in the elevator of her Brooklyn apartment building on Saturday afternoon, doused with an accelerant and set afire with a Molotov cocktail, Browne said. The suspect had been waiting for her when the elevator doors opened to the fifth floor of her apartment building in Prospect Heights, police said.

        Gillespie, who had grocery bags in her arms, turned about 180 degrees and then crouched to protect herself, he said. But the man sprayed her directly in the face and continued to spray her "sort of methodically" over her head and parts of her body as the bags dropped off her arms, Browne said. She turned and retreated to the back of the elevator

        Then, Browne said, the suspect pulled out a barbecue-style lighter, used it to ignite a rag in a bottle and then waited for a few seconds before using the flames to set her afire, causing smoke to fill the elevator. The man backed out as she fell to the floor of the elevator, Browne said, and seemed to pause before tossing the bottle inside the elevator and onto her."

If she had moved toward her assailant instead of retreating, he would have ran or attacked.
                                             ​He probably would have ran because it is unusual for a victim to make an advancement toward
                                             ​an assailant.  The assailant's other option would have been to assault her – In this case she could
                                             ​have bitten through the HUG.  Yes!

                                                    When in a circumstance of too close and the assailant is making a fierce move toward you -
                                            ​the goal is to get your mouth as close to the neck as possible.

                                           ​​​​           In this type of a circumstance - move forward ​quickly and fiercely, and, HUG the assailant -

                                  ​                  If the assailant doesn't break away -bite anywhere on the neck.  Should the assailant break away
                                  ​           it will be to escape or an attempt to complete the job. Either way Asti escapes - the assailant bleeding
                                  ​           with the knowledge that immediate medical attention is necessary or Asti as a fighting entity with
                                             ​screams causing fear and alarm. 

     ​ Many future victims know they can talk their way out of such a circumstance.   A person who abducts, abuses, rapes and exploits as ​a hobby or for appetite is accustomed to the talk.   Someone you know may be a future victim and is currently unaware ​of the possibility, or may be aware but can not tell anyone!

      The Solitaire Association is currently producing a video, a documentary and leaflets to aide persons who are in suppressive situations, and who
​will most likely experience physical and mental abuse.

​      Some of the information will be hand delivered.
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